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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


E.S.G.'s skeletal post punk-funk came from three sisters- Renee, Valerie and Marie Scroggins plus friend Tito Libran- whose mother bought them musical instruments to keep them off the streets of the South Bronx. Moody came out in 1982 and along with other of their songs (especially U.F.O.) has been sampled umpteen times. It still sounds as fresh as you like.



Echorich said...

UFO is probably the most sampled song in history, thanks to some very crafty and cheap ass hip hop artists. It's been samples 200 times more than James Brown's Hey! sample. Biggie Smalls, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac, Mark Morrison, Mobb Deep, Reakwon, NWA, Stanton Warriors, Basement Jaxx,even Nine Inch Nails and Miles Davis. But the Scroggins sisters have nary seen a penny in royalty - just some useless credits here and their.
I had the privilege of seeing them live in late 1980 and that's just around the time that they ended up in the studio with Martin Hannett, who legend has it, forced them to record UFO even though the girls thought it wasn't ready.
For 2 or 3 years, you couldn't go out to a club in NYC without hearing Moody. It was the sound of NYC. It was one of the last songs I remember hearing Larry Levan play the night The Paradise Garage closed in 1987 as well.

Swiss Adam said...

Echorich rules again.