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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Just Like Gold

In 1981 Aztec Camera released two 7" singles on Postcard Records- Just Like Gold and Mattress Of Wire. Roddy Frame has said since that they will never be re-released in any other format, no re-issues, no cd compilations, no boxed sets. I respect the purity of that, the sense of these are two time capsules locked into the when they were made and that the way to experience them is in the form they were put out. The downside of this is that they are somewhat expensive to buy second hand. The four songs across the four sides of vinyl are magical and even more so when you consider they were written by a teenager. To post an mp3 of them is defeating the purity of Roddy's vision but also a little inevitable.

Just Like Gold

And this is a live recording from 1983 Aztec Camera gig in Hamburg, Germany, a cover of The Clash's Garageland. Free download too. Loads more Aztec Camera rarities here.


The Swede said...

Ouch. Sold mine during a period when money was particularly tight.

Echorich said...

Never to be parted with here, all sealed up in wonderful smelling clear vinyl sleeves.

Brian said...

Among my most treasured records. So treasured, in fact, I hardly ever play them. Now how ridiculous is that?

londonlee said...

Still have my 'Just Like Gold' 7" with the postcard insert! #smug