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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Listen Close And Don't Be Stoned

I sat down last night sometime after nine and flicked the telly on. We have a handful of music channels with our freeview package. Most of them play the current top twenty selling downloads, one plays a non-stop diet of The 100 Greatest Power Ballads! or 50 Great Love Songs From Films With Hugh Grant In. The last one plays a random mixture of stuff from the past with the occasional themed hour. Last night's theme hour was called Cassette Culture or something similar. When I turned it Pearl Jam were grunting their way through something horrible and two songs later Chicane were doing rave-pop with surfing in the video. In between- you'd have to ask the programmer why, I can't fathom it- was Alison by Slowdive.

It stopped me right in my tracks. Three minutes forty seven seconds of youthful, dreamlike beauty. Properly pulls at yer heartstrings.


drew said...

Lovely stuff. Though watching the video made me feel extremely old!

The Swede said...

'...Pearl Jam were grunting their way through something horrible...' - brilliant!

Swiss Adam said...

Video up twice now. It got removed by the youtube user. So I replaced it with a secnd version. Now its back and working again. I dunno. Looks untidy having both up but I can't remove either.

21st century bloggers problems.