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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Papua New Guinea

Ok, last one in this particular run of posts- the extended, tranced and pounding Weatherall remix of Papua New Guinea. Future Sound Of London's original was more than enough in some ways but Weatherall redefined epic with this one in 1992. Are those seagulls I can hear?

Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix)

And just to bring us bang up to date this is Weatherall's remix of David Holmes's Unloved group and their When A Woman Is Around song, a highlight from the recent album- bass heavy and keeping parts of the spoken word section of the song. Out on 12" for Record Shop Day next month.


drew said...

There will also be a 7" of the single for RSD, not sure it's worth getting up at 05:30 for as there is nothing else I really need, but still a damn fine tune.

tune btw

The Swede said...

The first coffee of the day is slipping down a treat with these fine tunes Adam.

Swiss Adam said...

RSD list looks a bit sparse this year.