Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Wednesday 23 June 2021


The new EP from Petwo Evans, a four track release called Bootstrap, came my way a couple of weeks ago and it's already worming its way into my subconscious. The opener Dr. Rhythm has a distinctly Warp Records edge to it- tough beats, bleeps and space. At times it feels like the track is being mixed live, a DJ flipping between two or three different records. Pretty addictive stuff- the amped up soundtrack to a computer game set in a disused quarry maybe. 

Lock 10 came out in May, piano riffs and squelching noises. Drums/ percussion start to join at one and a half minutes, synths and then the thump of the kick drum. Moody, repetitive, invigorating club music. At volume this sounds immense.  

Petwo Evans is a duo, Rich Thair of Red Snapper and DJ Jake Williams. They recorded the EP in a remote farm overlooking the Welsh landscape using found instruments- a tumble dryer, plastic tubs and bits of metal and a broken piano (is there such a thing as a broken piano? If it plays, it plays). They looped and processed and spliced it all in with the synths and the drum machines and turned it into a release that reflects a lifetime listening to dance music, the post- industrial landscape and in a theme that keeps coming round at Bagging Area, 'the Blade Runner- esque thrill of driving through Port Talbot at night'. Digital and vinyl available at Bandcamp


Jase said...

https://myvinyldreams.wordpress.com/2019/05/31/the-wolfgang-press-%e2%80%8e-going-south-us-promo-12/ Some Sabres for you. You're welcome.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Jase

Khayem said...

'the Blade Runner- esque thrill of driving through Port Talbot at night' is a classic and should really be used in all promo copy from now on.

Great EP: Scratchy also made an immediate impression, but they're all good.