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Thursday 10 June 2021

Session Rising

The Beloved's 1990 single The Sun Rising is seen as a sunset song, chilled out ambient house for the moment when the night starts to get going, and also as a bit of comedown classic, morning after music. This version from Mark Goodier's Radio 1 Evening Session in September 1990 is way too thumping for either moment, more a full on, here comes the rush, hands- in- the- air with eyes tightly closed soundtrack. Jon Marsh remixed it live in the studio for the session, pushing everything up, up and away- bells arriving at forty seconds, the driving bassline, the piano and the appearance of the vocal sample at two minutes thirty- three, all hair raising and ecstatic. 

The Sun Rising (Evening Session Remix)


keepingitpeel said...

This song makes me immediately time travel back the summer of 1990. I can remember exactly where I was when playing this track, picture it clearly.
That moment now past in the blink of an eye. Time eh ?

Swiss Adam said...

It's amazing how music can do that. The potency of cheap music and all that.

Echorich said...

It is extraordinary to me, just how untouchable those first songs from the "Happiness" Era of The Beloved are. They are all just perfect at their core allowing for some amazing manipulations in the remix. The Roller Skate Disco vocal samples are just a joy.
The fact that there are over a dozen remixes each of The Sun Rising and Your Love Takes Me Higher speaks to the creativity those songs sparked. 30 years on, are there any songs or artists that have that power?

Khayem said...

I didn't hear the original radio session, but I discovered this when Jon Marsh posted a treasure trove of free downloads on The Beloved website many, many years ago. Overjoyed that it got a physical release with the deluxe edition of Happiness (which I purchased earlier this year, thanks to your previous post and heads up, Adam). From the moment I heard it, it's been one of my (sometimes the) favourite version of The Sun Rising. Just checked and I've got twenty (20!) other remixes sitting on my hard drive and I love every one of them. But this one is very, very special.