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Saturday 12 June 2021

It's Hot

On this, another song in advance of their album in September, The Liminanas and Laurent Garnier have really found their groove with Que Calor- thumping Velvets drums, sharp, reverb laden vox, whoops, Kingsmen guitar riffs, psyche organ riffs, the smell of jazz cigarettes and dancing, love beads and hair being tossed around, incense and fuzz pedals. 

In many ways this song really reminds of this 2015 fuzz- rock, sex and drugs blast from San Diego's Crocodiles. Both have smart animated videos too. Back to back fun. 


Walter said...

Great song. Pre-ordered the album a few days ago and it is good to hear the Crocodiles again after a long time

Khayem said...

Great post and photo, Adam. I thought I had ordered the album, realised that I hadn't, and have done so this morning. On the strength of the couple I've heard so far, this is going to be (another) highlight of 2021.

Thanks also for the link/comparison to Crocodiles. Another band that I'm unfamiliar with, but I've just made the connection to Dum Dum Girls (& Martin's excellent ICA over at The Vinyl Villain this week), so I'll be digging back into both back catalogues.I'm also going to investigate Crocodiles' side project Psychic Dancehall, as I really rate Hollie Cook.

Wow, all this from a single post. Good work, that man!

Swiss Adam said...

I rate Hollie Cook too but have somehow missed Psychic Dancehall completely. There's loads of Crocodiles albums to explore.