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Saturday 25 May 2019

Bank Holiday Weatherall Special

Back to back Weatherall posts for the Bank Holiday weekend and a bumper two-for-one deal today only! Bank holiday madness! Must end Monday! Terms and conditions apply.

First up a return to NTS for the monthly Music's Not For Everyone show, the usual smorgasbord of obscure, experimental and plain brilliant all delivered from a shack in Hackney. May's edition includes a new Hardway Bros remix of Dan Wainwright guaranteed to make you shimmy and a track from my friends Rude Audio. The full tracklist is here.

As an end of May extra there's this, Weatherall playing live at Ritual in Brighton at the start of the month, an hour and three quarters of dancefloor action with tracks from Passarella Death Squad, Signal Deluxe, Jasper James, Tecwaa, Pitto and Autarkic.


keepingitpeel said...

Steady on now !

Swiss Adam said...

Steady as she goes, all aboard the skylark