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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Carry Me Home Twice

And here's the original. Everyone knows the story of Dennis Wilson- the only Beach Boy who could surf, good looking drummer, fell in with Charles Manson, lost much of the 70s to drink and drugs, made a great lost album, drowned. Carry Me Home, a lament for a dead soldier in Vietnam, was an out-take, never officially released. Dennis' vocal is wracked with pain and sandblasted by coke and cigarettes. His great lost album Pacific Ocean Blue was re-released a while back and is well worth getting even though it can take a bit of getting into, but give me Dennis over re-recorded versions of Smile and Beach Boys copyist bands any day of the week.

carry_me_home original.mp3


davy h said...

I was going to ask yesterday if you had the original. Where's this from?

swiss adam said...

Not sure, got on the internet I think, possibly from that nice chap at Plain Or Pan. I'm not a Beach Boys obsessive, but a know one or two.

davy h said...

Aye. It's only on boots I think. Was originally intended for 'Holland' (1973).

Mr A.N. said...

speaking as a former BB obsessive (easily cured by the current over-reverence of any thing that Brian Wilson farts out) I recommend you try and track down a song called Never Left by Brian and Dennis -don't know anything much about it, but it's great