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Friday, 12 November 2010

Some Dub For Friday

Let's welcome Friday in with some dub from Mad Professor, otherwise known as Neil Fraser. Responsible for hundreds of albums and remixes, he mixes traditional dub techniques and instruments with synths and electronics, which led him to his most well known work with Massive Attack in the 1990s when he remixed their Protection album as No Protection. In 1982 he began a series of albums called Dub Me Crazy which as far as I know got to volume 12. The first five are all highly rated, and as you'd expect the afficionados argue about their respective merits. I don't have them all and wouldn't claim to know which is best, but most of his stuff is worth a listen. This track is from Dub Me Crazy (the first one), and is as good an example of his electronic dub as any from that album. If you're at work, play it quietly and take a few minutes to contemplate the day ahead. Actually, if you're at work you probably can't download the bugger if your workplace's internet and download policy is anything like mine so you'll probably have to wait til you get home tonight. If you're lucky enough to be at home at this time on a Friday morning however, brew up, turn up, sit back and enjoy.

Mad Professor_04_Dub Power.mp3

1 comment:

Mondo said...

I'm on a real dub buzz at the mo' so this is perfect. I'm tempted with some Augustus Pablo