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Friday, 12 November 2010

Some More Dub For Friday

It seems remiss of me to have posted various bits of dub without anything from Lee 'Scratch' Perry, whose legend goes before him and surely requires no explanation from me. This track, River, is stunning. It's from an album that came out in the 90s called Voodooism, a collection of 1970s rarities from Perry's Black Ark Studio, which he himself burnt down convinced it was haunted. The original artists here are Zap Pow, and River is a dreamy, hazy, almost psychedelic piece of dub reggae, chock full of Perry's trademark phasing. Most of the songs on the compilation are present in original form and their dub version, although the original vinyl version I've got didn't include some of these. There's a dub of this track- River Stone- which is equally good, as are any number of tracks on the record. You can get the whole 20 track set from emusic. I've done it, mainly for the extras, but the whole thing is a laid back but out-there joy. Go on- it could improve your weekend.

Lee Scratch Perry_05_River.mp3

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drew said...

That's the business SA, have a good weekend.