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Friday, 5 November 2010

Red Wilmot

The first time I heard Sabres Of Paradise 1994 single Wilmot it sounded so otherwordly, so strange but danceable, I thought it was close to the best thing I'd heard. Ever. If memory serves it was in the back room at Cream (so my memory could be a little hazy due to, y'know, stuff) and Weatherall hadn't shown up. We got the train over from Manchester whenever Lord Sabre was on (monthly at least) and the guy that did the lights and projections got us in for a quid. Bargain, and no queueing. Anyway Weatherall wasn't there but a promo of Wilmot was, and the whole room started... skanking, for want of a better word.

Then the single came out, and it was as good as I'd heard it that night. At some point late at night in the flat I shared at the time with a man who is now big in local government in London, watching a really crappy black and white tv, a video for Wilmot was shown featuring Weatherall leading a marching band and majourettes through the streets of London at dawn. It's probably on youtube. Go and have a look for it, it's great.

So remixing Wilmot didn't seem like a great idea to me, but Mr Scruff turned in a decent low-key one on the Haunted dancehall album, and then this remix by jazz techno bods Red Snapper turned up on the Warp 10+3 remix compilation. It's pretty good- keeps the horns but speeds them up, clattery drum machine, more techno-ey, less skanking.

Wilmot (Red Snapper remix).mp3

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