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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Outside In

Christmas comes early in the form of two Andrew Weatherall dub remixes of ex- Beta Band man Steve Mason's single Boys Outside. Not entirely sure I should be posting this seeing as it's only just come out but obviously I'm encouraging you to get over to Domino records and pay for the e.p. with both versions. There's no sign of a vinyl release which is a shame as I'm sure this would sound even better on a turntable. Dub 1 has been available to stream on Soundcloud for a few weeks and is wonderful. I could listen to a Weatherall dub album like this all day. This one has a more synthy bass, and isn't too far removed from some of the Sabresonic era Sabres Of Paradise dubby tracks, things like RSD, Edge 6 or Return Of Carter. Highly recommended. Get it while it's hot. Or before it gets removed.

03 Boys Outside (Andrew Weatherall Dub 2).mp3

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