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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Double X

The xx's album revealed it's charms slowly for me, and I've got to say I now think it's pretty good. This remix by Four Tet however is stunning- as someone commented somewhere, it makes you think everyone should have a Four Tet remix.

The xx_01_VCR (Four Tet Remix).mp3


drew said...

It's the business SA. I had a crappy mp3 of it for weeks and couldn't wait until 12" popped through the door from Boomkat.

The Various Production mix of Infinity is a bit special as well.

stevoid said...

A fair remix,although last years 'Silicone shelter' bootleg mix by Chester's finest,King Unique,still stands head and shoulders above anything else I've heard from the xx.

swiss adam said...

Not heard that, will have a look out for it.

stevoid said...

Still available for free download at www.siliconeshelter.com,I think.

drew said...

Here you go SA


swiss adam said...

Thanks chaps