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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Got No Cure For Misery

My 7 year old daughter E.T. has recently got into Mr. Bean, and tonight was watching the recent film epic Mr Bean's Holiday when a cover of this song, Crash by the Primitives, cropped up. 'I've got the original of this' I said, ' it's much better'. She wasn't convinced, especially by a live TV version on Youtube where Tracy Tracy is a little wobbly, but she conceded eventually that The Primitives version was alright. Kids eh?

The Primitives were from Coventry and had several early songs that the devotees swear by- Thru the Flowers, Really Stupid, Stop Killing Me, (all good c86 era indie) - but none of that takes anything away from the fact that this top 5 hit is really good, sparkly, guitar pop.



Ctelblog said...

great record

drew said...

Top Tune. Have you heard their version of I Wanna Be Your Dog, if not don't seek it out, woeful.

h said...

went to see them at the old marquee in london. there was hardly anyone there, considering how big a hit this was. They did a a nice cover of Ruby Tuesday if a remember rightly.