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Thursday, 4 November 2010

'Look, You Work Your Side Of The Street, And I'll Work Mine'

There's a bit of a spy movie theme thing going on at a couple of places at the moment, so I'll chuck my tuppence worth in. Besides that, it gives us a chance to admire Steve McQueen's complete coolness.

This is the main title theme from Bullitt (1968), scored by Lalo Schiffrin. The score was reworked from the film for record release and jazzed up a bit (literally) to make it more saleable. The version here is from the cd re-release. On the vinyl version this track is a bit shorter- cd buyers value for money I suppose. The whole album is great and while I don't listen to this sort of thing (jazzy instrumentals or film soundtracks) very often this always sounds good.

Now, where did I put my polo neck jumper?

01 Bullitt, Main Title (Movie Versio.mp3

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