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Sunday, 21 November 2010

They Call Me The Breeze

Firstly, at the time of typing (7.45pm Sunday evening) Andrew Weatherall and Bobby Gillespie are on 6 Mix at 8 o'clock talking about the making of Screamadelica and playing the records that influenced it. Should be good.

Second, Run by Spiritualized, a song that manages to condense and distill all the features of leather jacketed, bowl haircut, pointy shoes, guitar rock with 90s post-dance production into a few minutes. Quite a feat. Even if they did have to co-credit someone who they'd pilfered (BJ Cole? Memory failing me. It's J.J. Cale Ctel informs me.) in the writing of it.

04 Run.mp3


Ctelblog said...

JJ Cale not BJ Cole.

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swiss adam said...

Ta Ctel.

drew said...

I don't know if I'm just being a bit of a git here but I really couldn't give a fuck about what Gillespie has to say about the making of Screamadelica as it will be a load of bullshit anyway.

Primal Scream made a second rate Stones type ballad which Weatherall deconstructed and then reconstructed using not really that many parts of the original but a whole load of Edie Brickell and made an anthem for a generation which Bobbie Gillespie contributed a few "ah yeahs".

It did well and Gillespie and co paid him to do the same with the album.

Screamadelica, is a brilliant album which I love but you've got to ask yourself if Gillespie loved it so much why has so little of it featured on subsequent Primal Scream tours due to better material, I think not.

Spiritualized on the other hand, Pierce didn't need a god like genius to make his records brilliant, eg LAGWAFIS.

swiss adam said...

Gillespie didn't show up in the end, just Weatherall with some record choices from Bobby. Agree with you- Screamadelica is brilliant but due in good part to the collaborators. Think Innes is the real power in primal scream musically, production wise (other than Weatherall) and in moving them on (was gonna say forwards but they've not often moved forwards have they?). For the record I like the second rate Stones ballad as well as Loaded

drew said...

Sorry for the rant, a few shandies too many yesterday. But I had a discussion during the week with someone who said that Gillespie was a genius which I had to strenously disagree with.

I too like the second rate Stones ballad but the rest of that album is also pish.