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Monday, 8 November 2010

Caught In The Undertow

Everyone's favourite new band Warpaint, with the standout track Undertow from their new album The Fool remixed by Blackbird Blackbird- loops, glitches, vinyl crackle and static, snatches of the song, usual wooziness. Positively makes your head spin.

Undertow (Blackbird Blackbird Remix).mp3


drew said...

I'm not sure about Warpaint. When I first heard the album I thought that it was good not great but it hasn't really stood up to repeated listens, for me anyway.

It may be me, because at the moment nothing recent is doing it for me except Fourtet's mix of VCR. It's all John Martyn, northern and JAMC in this house. Over the weekend I must have played the 12" version of Sidewalking at least half a dozen times.

swiss adam said...

The 12" of Sidewalking is great, must go and play it. At the moment I still prefer last years Warpaint ep Exquisite Corpse to the new album but maybe that's just cos I know it better.