Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


This is the control  panel for the Worcester Boiler 28Si II, which controls our central heating and hot water. Or at least it did up until Friday night. On Saturday morning it was intermittently controlling it. By the afternoon it was dead. Some internet research showed that the fault is a common one with the Worcester 28Si II, that the reset button will reset a few times but after 5 tries it will lock out. As ours has. At that point every piece of advice on plumbing chatrooms (I know...) was to get an engineer in. This was not possible on Sunday. A friend had a look. He has a friend who is a plumber, who is coming to fix the Worcester 28Si II today at 2.00 pm.

On Saturday night I ran a bath by boiling the kettle and four saucepans of water on the hob repeatedly. After three quarters of an hour this delivered a bath of about 5". I know that under such circumstances one should shrug and  laugh and look at people under flood water in Somerset who are having a much worse time and see the bright side, spirit of the Blitz etc etc. I did not possess such qualities. I just want hot water and central heating back.

This song is by experimental, psychedelic, electronic 60s group Silver Apples, who may well have lived in a cold water flat on the Lower East Side. I couldn't stand it for long. I reached my tolerance several days ago.



drew said...

Lack of hot water is hell. We got a new boiler last October and at the price it will need to outlive L and I, Max and Leo and then their offspring!!

george said...

Why didn't you have a shower instead?

Swiss Adam said...

Cos the shower wouldn't run hot either. No hot water.

Swiss Adam said...

Cold showers may be all the rage in Portugal but not here in February

Dirk said...

If the plumber decides you need a new one, go for some German one this time: "Vorsprung durch Technik", you know!