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Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Major, Brother T, Nina W

This is a sort of follow up to yesterday's post which was done with a bit of a fuzzy head. I've been looking for this all over my hard drive. Eventually it turned up not where I was expecting it to be. It's a non-Two Lone Swordsmen Weatherall- Tenniswood track (naming themselves for this as The Major and Brother T). A funky little thing with an amusing title from a compilation cd.


I found this yesterday too while ignoring my hangover by pissing about online- an unreleased song in a post-punk style by Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh called Big Smash Up, recorded last year (possibly from around the time of the Unreal City soundtrack I reckon). It won't embed but it's on Soundcloud here.

And, finally, Weatherall playing at in the annexe at Cream in 1994. Two things- One, I still have a cassette of this recording in a shoe box under the bed. Two, I was at this night. Listening to it now gives me flashbacks and shivers, especially around the fifteen minute mark  and the 'give me chocolaaate' record.

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