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Monday, 17 February 2014

My Mind's Wide Open Baby

This is another song I've posted before, back in 2011 which is practically neolithic in blogging terms. I've long been partial to the Balearic dance-pop of A Man Called Adam. Barefoot In The Head is a staple of chill out compilations but that shouldn't prejudice you against the song- it is a beautiful record. Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones made up A Man Called Adam but Paul Daley worked on this too, before leaving for Leftfield.

Barefoot In The Head (12" Mix)

Sally Rodgers wrote the lyrics by cribbing pagan translations of the poetry of Robert Graves (or so it says at both the Museum of British Pop Culture and wiki). It also turns out that...

'Rodgers is conducting doctoral research in modern poetics at the University of St Andrews and Jones recently gained an MSc in sound design from the University of Edinburgh. Together they continue to work as sound designers on museum, film and theatrical commissions, notably the BME - a museum charting the history of British music from the end of World War II, and The British Museum's major new exhibition Journey to the afterlife: The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Their music continues to be licensed all over the world for film, television and release.'

You don't get that from ex-members of Oasis. 


Anonymous said...

I distinctly remember this from the 90's, it was a stand out track. Haven't listened to it again until just now.
Interesting additional information too. Quite interesting, as they say.

Anonymous said...

I distinctly remember this from the 90's, it was a stand out track. Haven't heard it again until now.
Great additional information too. Nice.

Echorich said...

There are three Balearic tracks which I consider the best examples of the genre (if it really was a genre). First and foremost is Barefoot In The Head by A Man Called Adam. This is a monumental track. The piano stabs, the pulsing bass and clapping percussion are unstoppable. Sally Rogers is just the right combination of seductive and plaintive.
Second is Autumn Love by Electra which is the quintessential Balearic mash up/sample track. Take equal parts Moroder, Tears For Fears, a rhythm line that only Oakenfold and Osbourne could lay down, and you have magic.
The Third is The Sun Rising by The Beloved. Dark and sexy, psychedelic and ambient all combine to take you on a special trip. This is truly a lights off and listen in the dark track!
I'm sure there are lots of other tracks which would easily replace any of these three on other's lists - One Dove - Fallen and The Grid - Flotation with their Weatherall Mixes I'm sure come high on for others.