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Monday, 3 February 2014


Drew posted a song by the Heavenly Records band East Village a few weeks ago. I hadn't heard of them before but having downloaded the album (Drop Out, issued after they'd split) I now feel like they've always been there. Caught in the years between mid-80s indie and Britpop, they had some lovely guitar songs, fleshed out with a bit of organ and three vocalists- a bit Velvets, a bit Byrds. I found a copy of the Circles single on 12" for a pound recently (their stuff goes for silly money usually so this was probably so cheap because the B-side is scratched). I haven't splashed out the £15.99 for the re-issued album yet but it's only a matter of time.


It is eight months yesterday since I last had a cigarette. Sometimes in my dreams I still smoke and wake up smelling it, feeling guilty. I can't get off the nicotine gum either.


Dirk said...

8 minutes since I last had one and I feel I need another one right now: congratulations, mate!

Walter said...

I ought to get the record - even if it is just because the cover sleeve ...

And I had my last one 10 minutes ago and understand Dirk very well. Be glad that you've got over it my friend

londonlee said...

Keep at it. Helps when you have a cough and cold that lasts a month like I've had.

Try the nicotine lozenges, taste better than the gum.

drew said...

10 years one month and two days I've been off the fags. Just wish I could lose the 4 stone I put on after stopping!

It's a very good album.

ally. said...

i would spark up again right now now now if there was a miraculous oh it turns out they weren't deadly after all declaration. smoking was ace.

lovely boys the east villagers. their episode four incarnation were good too (what with it just being a rubbisher name for the same group and all)

mike said...

one of my favourite song through the 90s ... i put circles on every tape i made for a girl in that time.
the song must be popular here :)
the album somehow never got my full attention.

londonlee said...

One of East Village went on to form Birdie with Debsey Wykes, another great lost band.