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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Thor's Stone

One of last year's most adventurous and dark albums came from Forest Swords, a resident of deepest Wirral. This Lee 'Scratch' Perry remix doesn't make things any less dark or less weird than what you can find on the Engravings lp but it adds a certain something and dubs it up fine style. 'I hate evil energy' says Lee at the start. Thirty seconds later the bass kicks in and Lee's still chuntering over the digital rhythms, ghostly backing vocals and bubbling synths. Very, very good. Addictive.

The original sounds like this...

Thor's Stone

Thor's Stone, picture at the top, is a rocky sandstone outcrop on Thurstaston Common, in the Wirral- supposedly with links back to Viking ceremonies.

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Artog said...

Excellent, I'm planning an expedition to the Wirral. And on the Lee Perry front I've just recently discovered The Upsetters Collection, you know how you get Dollar in Teeth and The Return of Django on loads of compilations - I'd always presumed they were the best tracks. But they're not.