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Friday, 28 February 2014


Brody Dalle is one of those punk girls our mothers used to warn us about- fags, tattoos, black eyeliner, bad attitude. Which only made them more attractive. She was in LA punks The Distillers and then the more alt-rock Spinnerette; both have engine revving guitars and a massive drum sound, her big husky voice and Joan Jett looks. If my LA punk gossip knowledge is correct she was married to Rancid's Tim Armstrong and is now married to Queen Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme. Brody has a solo album coming out- there is a song below to listen to (with Shirley Manson and Emily from Warpaint on backing vox). I quite like it in a regressive shoutalong kind of way.


Simon said...

One of those people who I see and go whoah. Then forget about until they make a comeback and go Whoah all over again. Really quite liked the Distillers. Love Rancid too funnily enough, but that's probably not a surprise considering they're a proper Tonight Matthew I'm Going To Be The Clash sort of a band.

Swiss Adam said...

Rancid's 'Out come the wolves' is a great record. Everyone needs a bit of California punk every now and then

Cynical Farmer said...

She's AUSTRALIAN too. Represent.