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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Library Walk 2: Direct Action

My most read post at Bagging Area this week has been the one about Manchester City Council's plans to despoil library walk, blocking it off with gates and a glass box. Unlike me, who just sits and types and moans, Manchester Modernist Society are doing something about it and more importantly YOU CAN TOO. You need to write a letter. An actual letter, on paper with a pen and post it too, costing you 60 pence for a first class stamp, but I think it's worth it. Because a) they shouldn't be able to block off a public right of way b) they shouldn't be able to spoil two Grade II listed buildings, a much loved feature of our city centre for eighty years and c) they are numpties for even thinking it was a good idea. Details are here. We can oppose the stopping up order, triggering a legal review by central government. You don't even need to be a resident of Manchester. But you do need to be quick- all letters must be received by Friday 28th February. Pens out people! Save beautiful architecture and fight the power, fight the powers that be!


C said...

I'm new here (and v much enjoying). You know, I don't even live in Manchester, in fact I've never even been there (I should address that) but the Library Walk thing still got me interested and worked up regardless - it just typifies the madcap pointless ideas of councils everywhere. So, I might just write a letter anyway, from the wilds of East Anglia!

Swiss Adam said...

Hi C. That'd be great. Welcome aboard

morag said...

Thank you so much for your support Swiss Adam, at first glance I suspect you are going to point me towards some fine tunes to listen to whilst plotting the next moves to save library walk, and C yes letters welcome from anywhere, I rather hope we can provide an example and share knowledge of how to challenge ridiculous notions like this one.
Morag and the friends of library walk x