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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Your Lips A Magic World

This concrete brutalist building is a nunnery in Yucatan, Mexico.

This is a dub-disco re-edit of Echo And the Bunnymen's The Killing Moon by Something For Kate. It is superb. You didn't know you needed a dance floor version of this song... and yet you do. Mac never bettered himself lyrically than with this song- heavy duty, time shifting, portentous nonsense.


Anonymous said...

love the Aztec influenced architecture

Echorich said...

That building is brilliant. You just want to take it apart and see what other configurations you can create! As for a hip shaking Killing Moon, I've found over the years that EATB tracks do lend themselves to dance remixes and have quite a few home brew versions which the band have endorsed. This one is a nice psychedelic reinterpretation - even the vocals are decent. Check out Go Home Productions version of Thorn Of Crowns - which the band actually made available on their website some years ago.

Swiss Adam said...

Think I posted that Thorn of Crowns version a few years ago.