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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mixed Up

I survived the work residential. My headache has largely gone, the result of too much red wine followed by some rum in the small hours. I do feel very tired though. Thanks for your sympathy and advice (DVD especially with the advice, which I tried to follow). And now for something eclectic...

Nina Walsh ran the Sabrettes record label in the 90s, specialising in techno- minimal and/or earsplitting techno mainly. She contributed to various Sabres Of Paradise and Two Lone Swordsmen records and I think The Orb as well. I stumbled across this mix here recently (from 2009) and it's eclectic to say the least- opening with an a capella blues thing then moving swiftly through thirty five minutes of punky techno, German electro, ambient, folk before winding up with the lovely Francoise Hardy. The embedded music player (Ye Olde 2009 technology) seems a bit temperamental but that might be down to problems at my end.

While we in the Weatherall area the second half of the five hour mix he did for Ralph Lawson recently has gone up here.


acidted said...

Good to see you survived, And your Weatherall credentials intact

dickvandyke said...

Ha! Back to work will be a scream tomorrow. Funny looks and silent head-shakes all round.

Talking 'Bollotics' (n. the practice of speaking utter bollocks about politics as often performed by students in halls of residence and Michael Gove).

Re-creating Ken Barlow's Rolls Royce love clinch with Doreen from the Bursar's office in the back of a taxi driven by a rancid Bangladeshi grandfather before parking your apricot chicken down Doreen's blouse will be prime fodder for the School Magazine.