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Sunday, 23 February 2014

It's Just The Sun Rising

Echorich frequently leaves the most considered comments here and the man also has exquisite taste. When I posted A Man Called Adam's Barefoot In The Head he offered the opinion that that record and this one here today were among the three best songs of their ilk. The Beloved's Sun Rising is a peach, a song that sounds like it's title. It has been remixed to death but sometimes the original mix is all you need. The bass, whispered vocals and electronic rhythm- sublime.

The Sun Rising

Polar explorer Tom Crean must have seen many sun rises though possibly not in the altered state that The Beloved were writing about. Got to love a man in sub-zero temperatures who still smokes his pipe.


Echorich said...

Ah here we go. Coffee, CNN, blog posts and now The Sun Rising as a background to my day!! Thanks SA!

Swiss Adam said...

No, thank you Echorich