Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Friday, 7 February 2014


Tonight, while you are uncorking the wine and enjoying Friday night, I shall be enjoying/enduring the horrors of... the work residential. Hotel, meeting from 4 until 7, dinner, drinks and then another round of meetings on Saturday morning all the way through until 12.

As a result they will be no rockabilly tonight- I'm not having you grooving to the sounds of the Bagging Area Friday night while I'm suffering. I know that sounds selfish but that's the way it is.

Some songs recently appeared on Soundcloud- unfinished versions of songs for a second One Dove album, scrapped as the band split up while recording it. Shame. One Dove's Morning Dove White is a lost 90s gem, flawed maybe but a gem nonetheless.

If you go here there's a few more, tasters of what might have been.


Anonymous said...

you have my deepest sympathy. it doesn't sound fun

Simon said...

I don't spend an hour longer near work than I have to so complete sympathy.

Meanwhile...one dove...lovely....should have been huge obviously, but the releases that do exist are not enough so thanks for this...

Luca said...

If I may, what IS a work residential?
Anyway, try and have a nice weekend just the same.

ally. said...

oh you poor poor thing. i shall be thinking of you as i swan around the kitchen with an aldi lager and a glint in my eye

george said...

you should have pulled a sickie. In my time I think I was last on a night away was in 2004. And not a staff one, that sounds hell on earth. We shall be having wine, in fact we're just off out for a beer now. 85 cents.

drew said...

I hate having to socialise with people from work, stilted conversation, the weird looks when you suggest a third pint. Fucking awful. You have my full sympathy.

Saw One Dove live twice, they were very good.

dickvandyke said...

Fuckin hilarious. Go for it mate. You're only middle aged once.
Get bonding!
Inappropriate is brilliant.