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Thursday, 27 February 2014


Westworld crossed Eddie Cochran with beatboxes and had a few chart hits in 1987, the best known being Sonic Boom Boy. This one, with a slowed down Bo Diddley riff and a cracking vocal from Elizabeth, only reached number 47 but was just as good. I picked the 12" up recently, in pristine condition, in a charity shop for 50p- both a bargain and a charity shop classic.


And doing the promotional rounds on Pebble Mill At One here. Is it just me or have Youtube changed the embedding thing? Can't get it to work. Never mind- you can click. It seems bizarre now that bands would travel to Birmingham or wherever Pebble Mill was for a two minute slot at lunchtime, mime their way through their latest offering in between a few light items and some news, for the benefit of... who? Pensioners, the unemployed, students and some stay-at-home parents ( I resisted typing housewives there although in 1987 it was probably fairly accurate) . Who of these was going to rush out to buy Silvermac? The pluggers must have worked all the way through lunch to get the Pebble Mill slot as well.


george said...

YouTube things seems ok. Pebble Mill was in Birmingham, close to Edgbaston cricket ground and acros the road from the wildlife centre that is run by the City Council. It has a Scottish Wild cat, some lynxes, a red panda or two, some meerkats. And pigeons. Not all in the same cage. Pebble Mill was demolished about 9 years ago and when I was last in that area all was left was a massive hole in the ground.

phil spector said...

I have this on double groove 10" (!) Remember them?

Swiss Adam said...

Sounded like a great idea but one song was always harder to find the groove for than the other