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Friday 25 September 2020

Decline And Fall

Sean Johnston in his A Mountain Of Rimowa guise specialises in long, undulating tracks, melodic and euphoric chuggers, packed with those head tilted back, eyes closed beatific moments, where if you were in a club or in a crowd there would be an act of communion, of music transcending its surroundings. Under the circumstances, these moments aren't happening  but we can dream. 

The ep, titled The Decline And Fall of A Mountain Of Rimowa, has three new tracks plus a remix. No More (with a remix by Each Other) is all the above and more, a driving bassline and swooping synthlines, piano and some Joubert Singers style vocals for added bliss. Likely to provoke arms in the air, hairs on the nape of the neck raised, tell a random stranger you love him/her emotions. 

His Brothers And Sisters In The East starts out slow, ticking drum machine and piano chords and adds then drops in a gurning acid part, sneaking it in and it leaves it there, repeating, looping onwards and outwards.

The Joker builds slowly and intensely, spaced out bleeps and a deep, pulsing bassline. The breakdown at four minutes and subsequent re- entry of snare, bass and synths is like swimming through warm water towards the sun. The topline bounces around just out of reach. And then it's 5am and it's time to go home. 


Rol said...

That first track is Love Wars by Womack & Womack.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Rol- I've been trying to put my finger on it

drew said...

I thought that too Rol.

Magic stuff Sa but just digital

Khayem said...

And is the opening of The Joker a snatched sample from Requiem by Killing Joke? Great stuff, either way, SA.

John Medd said...

Hi Adam, your Youtube videos only appear on your 'web version', not 'mobile version' (nobody can see them when they access your blog from their phone). You need to change the part of the html code from BLOGGER to YOUTUBE.

martin said...

Sean is on such a terrific run of form