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Tuesday 15 September 2020

Small Things

This path goes alongside the brilliantly named Kickety Brook, part of a network of paths, streams, meadows and wetlands that surround the River Mersey between Sale and Stretford. I can't as yet find out the origins of the Kickety but it's a great word/ name.

Small Things, an ep by Italian DJ and producer Gallo came out back in June, a release drenched in all things Balearic. The title track is a slow motion walk at sunset, rippling sounds and padding drums while the Balearic Gabba Sound System remix of it ups the ante even more, long synth notes, piano dropping in and some bubbling noises. The Vendetta Suite remix of Small Things is bass- led, with angelic cooing, rim shots echoing round and horns. Vortex has gentle house piano. Flensburg is Rimini at dusk and takes you someone were else for the duration. Very nice.


John Medd said...

Just dropped this into a playlist - sitting between Neu and Fourtet.

Swiss Adam said...

Sounds right John and in good company.