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Sunday 10 January 2021

Tak Tent Two

Back in Lockdown Two I put together a second mix for Tak Tent Radio, an internet radio station based in Scotland who broadcast my first mix for them back in October (here). The second one, which I cleverly titled Tak Tent Two, went live yesterday. It is an hour of instrumental sounds, ambient, Balearic, minimal techno, shoegaze whatnot- which is pretty much where my musical head has been for the last year.

Tak Tent Two is here. Hopefully it might enhance your Sunday morning in Lockdown Three. 

  • Death Circuit: Strom Dub
  • Jose Padilla: Agua
  • Richard Norris: Cloud Surfing
  • Richard Fearless: Driving With Rodelius
  • Pye Corner Audio: Phase B
  • Future Beat Alliance: Beginner’s Mind
  • Joe Morris: Firefly Island (Gallo Isola Acida Mix)
  • The Long Champs: Straight To Audio
  • Apiento and Co: The Light Machine
  • Andy Bell: Heat Haze On Weyland Road


Nick L said...

Will give this a listen on my late afternoon, dusk walk. Thanks.

Rickyotter said...

Loving this mix Adam, great stuff

Khayem said...

Another winner, Adam, I'll be listening to this again on my early morning, pre-dawn walk tomorrow. That said, sounds like it would work any time of the day.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks chaps