Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Saturday 20 February 2021


Rich Lane's new EP came out a week ago, three tracks of sunlit Balearic chug and dancefloor monsters with energy and melodies to spare. Buy it at Bandcamp (it's only two pounds fifty, you've got nothing to lose). 

Flecktarn (a woodland camo pattern used by many European armies and by the Bundeswehr particularly) fades in on some gorgeous synth sounds, before the chiming guitar line appears and then a bouncy bassline glides into earshot. The breakdown at four twenty and re- entry is a moment. One day we'll listen to this on a dancefloor and we'll all smile and cheer and throw our arms around each other. 

Telo Mimetico (a camouflage pattern used by the Italian army for shelters and uniforms) is a squelchy acidic banger, rattling snares, voices coming in from leftfield and a wonderful Italo piano part. 

The third track is Dispersion Pattern Material (camouflage that creates an optical illusion), a dark, moody, basement track but with a piano breakdown that is pure 1990 before that wobbly, menacing bass comes back in and then off we go again. 

Rich loves the woodlands. Last year he took his camping gear and his studio gear into the north Midlands woods and made this, Prusik, a live hardware jam in the woods. Fades in with the sounds of leaves rustling in the breeze and a growly bass before some 80s Linn Drum samples kick in. 


Cotton Bud Media said...

Thanks Adam, I'm chuffed you like the EP. It's odd (not to mention frustrating) that I make something so unashamedly dancefloor knowing full well it'll still be ages before the potential hands in the air moments you mention. I know from my mastering job that club bangers are being made thick and fast - I hope some of them are remembered when we're back in business!Your support is always appreciated Sir. Cheers. Rich.

Swiss Adam said...

My pleasure Rich, I think you excelled yourself with this one.