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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

The Mirror

One of our eldest Isaac's pastimes is to watch photographs stored on the computer as a slideshow, a non- stop stream of holiday photos, days out, birthdays and my shots of urban dereliction. He got up and wandered away from it the other day and must have tapped the keyboard, because when I came back to the computer the slideshow had stopped on this photo, a picture I took in August 2013 of the mountains above Lake Annecy, nestled in the French Alps. We camped at the southern end of the lake for two weeks and our tent faced out of the campsite, towards the Alps. The view, changing all day as the sun rose, climbed above the mountains and then set, was stunning. 

A French group to go with the French Alps. The Liminanas are a husband/ wife beat group, equal parts the Velvets, Yé-yé, poetry, cigarettes and fuzz guitars. This song came out on 7" in 2015 and has British writer, actor and musician Kirk Lake on spoken word vocals telling a tale of a French mirror workshop and the nature of reflection, with mentions of mermaids, Jean- Paul Sartre and a fire.  

The Mirror


Brian said...

Terrific photo and band. The Liminanas are a big favorite in our little corner of the internet, and I learned of them from you, Walter and couple of others. I'm better for it.

Nick L said...

Good band and nice choice of song. Peter Hook's stuff with them is great as well.

Swiss Adam said...

I love Hooky's songs with them too(and the Weatherall remixes) but I've posted them before and thought I should cast my net a little wider.

It occurs to me that a Peter Hook post with his guest bass with the Liminanas and Gorillaz (ad others) might be an idea.