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Wednesday 10 February 2021

In The Locker

A postcard from 1996 today, System 7 and Alex Paterson from The Orb, and a gently pulsing, psychedelic bubblebath with a nod in its title to the seabed- aptly so- this track sounds like it has surfaced from the bottom of a deep blue sea and into the sun. A funky guitar part strumming away for eleven minutes, a dubbed out bassline, warm atmospherics and a faint male voice choir humming along. 

Davy Jones' Locker (The Orb Mix)


drew said...

I forgot that this included the Lisa Bonnet "you know what they say . . ." Angel Heart sample

Swiss Adam said...

I was trying to place that sample... thank you.

drew said...

Spookily I was listening to the Angel Heart soundtrack at the weekend where it is more prominent before LaVerne Baker's Soul on Fire

Khayem said...

Always good to hear System 7 and a nice surprise to see that another volume of Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty slipped out at the tail end of 2020. I'll be (re)visiting both this week.