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Saturday 22 June 2019

Together More

Together More is the latest release on Andrew Weatherall's Bird Scarer label- BS007 if you're keeping a count- from Scott Fraser and vocals from Louise Quinn, a slow burning, deep house rumble, a track with a kind of dark energy. The flipside of the limited edition 12" is an Andrew Weatherall remix and in a weird and unexpected turn of events I'm digging the original version more than the remix at the moment.

Back in 2012 Scott Fraser's A Life Of Silence was the second Bird Scarer release, a 12" that is one of the best releases of its kind of the last decade. That may sound like hyperbole but it's a magnificent beast- nine minutes plus of juddering, synth led beauty with a bassline like prime mid 80s Peter Hook and a choppy guitar part.

A Life Of Silence (Timothy J. Fairplay's 'Fall Of Shame' Remix)


keepingitpeel said...

Ah who doesn't love a Altered Whale Warn remix...

Tom W said...

I listened to that on Soundcloud, wasn't blown away, but loved this track that came next:


so I'm a winner every way

Swiss Adam said...

Yep, that sounds rather good too Tom W.

tom W said...

I promise it's a genuine recommendation, and I'm not in the pay of Big Spanish House