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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bad Name, Good Song, Unsure About The Band

Another band with a stupid name- Fountains Of Wayne, who had a hit in 2003 with that irritating Stacey's Mom novelty record. But in 1996, at the height (or depth maybe) of Britpop I heard this single and loved it- chugging guitars, hugely catchy chorus, more hooks than an angler's box, sunny day guitar pop. I think they call it Power Pop. Whatever it is, it's impossible not to sing along.


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Mondo said...

I felt the same: put off by the name, but got the Traffic and Weather album to take on holiday a few years back. We played it every day - and it became the soundtrack to a sunny Suffolk trip. Hooky tunes and snappy lyrics - they're as close as you'll get to an American XTC