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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I Have Learned What My Lips Are For

It's hard to resist any song that starts off...

'Tonight for the first time
I have learned what my lips are for
And darling, now that I've kissed you
I'm craving to kiss you more'

...especially when it's a up tempo blast of Northern Soul, like this from Irma Thomas in 1964.

18 Long After Tonight Is All Over.wma


drew said...

Are you going for all three?

swiss adam said...

You're quick off the mark Drew. My brain seems to be tuned in to blogging at the moment, and I've actually had an hour to myself tonight. Maybe I'll leave it for tonight though.

davy h said...

I am very fond of sweet Irma indeed, but you can't beat the Jimmy Radcliffe of this, in my humble.