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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Just Keeping Going And Trying To Stay Free

Edwyn Collins has a new single out called Losing Sleep, laced with northern soul stylings. There's an album at the end of the month too (with appearances by Johnny Marr, Roddy Frame, Franz Ferdinand and a host of others), and then the Orange Juice boxset in November. Edwyn's interviewed by Sylvia Patterson in this week's Guardian Guide, and there was a line in it that really struck me. Edwyn's partner and manager Grace Maxwell is explaining that his career has never been commercially successful but that his whole life has been 'more a survival thing', to which Sylvia responds...

'Just keeping going and trying to stay free?'

I'm not a fan of mottos, mission statements, and greetings card/bumper sticker/office poster cod-philosophy but the phrase Just Keep Going And Try To Stay Free sounds like pretty good ideal for living. Similar to the old mod adage 'clean living under difficult circumstances'- a bit vague, a bit romantic, a bit daft maybe, but spot on as well.

This is One Is A Lonely Number, the opening track from Edwyn's last album Home Again, recorded before his illness, but finished and released afterwards. I've just noticed it's tag from the cd rip is One Is A Lonely Humber, which maybe isn't news to the people of Hull.

01 One Is a Lonely Humber.wma

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