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Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 29

Johnny Marr kicks off Friday night's rockabilly rave-up this week. His rockabilly influences were worn on his sleeve from early on The Smiths, with Rusholme Ruffians on Meat Is Murder, and some later songs as well (Strangeways' Death At Ones Elbow for one). He also sported a mighty fine quiff. His various projects and guest appearances since havn't been too heavy on rockabilly but his mid-00s band The Healers album saw a brief revival. This is Need It, loaded with rockabilly rhythm and spirit. It's possibly the only track on the album I could still listen to - it was heavily Oasis-ised, and as various people pointed out at The Vinyl Villain this week, not very popular. Actuually looking at the track listing, Down On The Corner's pretty good too. But enough Marr conjecture, on with the Diddley shuffle...

04 Need It.wma

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