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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Who Is The Ultimate Warlord?

Some music is deep, some is hard hitting, some rootsy or bluesy, or emotionally charged, or balls-out rock 'n' roll, or ecstatic, or massive 808 squiggles with gospel vocals and that kick drum, or chiming light as air guitar stuff, or ramshackle, or inspirational, or fluid and funky, or life-affirming, and there are songs we cling to, the songs that break us, the songs that change us, the songs that make us think, songs that comment on the world we live in or the people in power, songs with a well turned phrase, or deftly crafted couplet, or a verse that skewers a feeling or a point of view or a universal experience, or a time you remember, or the time you thought it was only you that felt like that.

Some music is utter nonsense.

This is The Immortals 1979 12" The Ultimate Warlord. It's total, utter, absolute nonsense. Apparently it's also Italo Disco or Cosmic Disco, but I don't think many of us had even heard of that until a couple of years ago. This record has huge, ominous analogue disco synths and drums, ridiculous chord changes, and the stupidest vocodered vocals you've ever heard, about being the ultimate warlord. It is complete nonsense, and also very, very good.

the ultimatewarlord.mp3

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