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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I Like Your Clothes When They're Undone

Also from the David Holmes mix on the 2000 London Xpress cd New York's Joy Zipper with Check Out My New Jesus. Distorted guitars, stoned drumming, l-a-z-y vocals about new jeans, Jesus and like other stuff man, and a general summery, narcotic haze. Tabitha Tindale and Vincent Cafiso went on to work with David Holmes and Kevin Shields, and be scuppered by collapsing record companies.

13 Check Out.wma


drew said...

Saw Joy Zipper at King Tuts in 2004, they started off well but got quite boring over an hour not enough strong tunes, Out Of The Sun being the best.

That Tabitha came over all nasal and a bit arsey, didn't like her at all.

swiss adam said...

I've only got the first mini- album, which I quite liked. Never got around to getting American Whip. Like this song though.

Mondo said...

The Heartlight Set is well worth a fiver of your hard-earned.

Like the tune, not really like anything Heartlight BTW