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Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Great Lost Band Of The 90s

There's general agreement round Bagging Area's way that One Dove's Morning Dove White is the great lost album of the 90s, packed with Weatherall's production, great songs, Dot Allison's vox and loads of after-club atmosphere. In their limited back catalogue there's a few other gems- I've posted their cover of Jolene and the Weatherall remix of Breakdown (Squire Black Dove rides Out). This song, Skanga, was tucked away on the Why Don't You Take Me single (various formats, cd, 12" double pack etc). I think by this point the record company were getting a little desparate for a hit. Skanga is five and a half minutes of dub-house loveliness with a strangely off key vocal from Dot. What's bemusing is why the album featured two versions of two of the songs, White Love and Breakdown (it had both the superior Weatherall mixes and inferior Stephen Hague radio mixes of each song), when this and Jolene would've made an eleven track beauty. But then whoever thought record companies knew what they were doing?

One Dove - 02 Skanga.mp3


Ctelblog said...

That Petrol Emotion's Chemicrazy" is the other lost classic of that period.

stevoid said...

They did make some impeccable records but Dot's voice was strangely off key most of the time when playing live,I seem to recall.

drew said...

It still has to be the original Fallen on Soma, nothing comes close, one of the few times Weatherall couldn't better the original.