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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

This Was A Pizza Hut, Now It's All Covered With Daisies

Another installment in the continuing adventures of Johnny Marr after he left The Smiths.

Talking Heads recorded four (count 'em) groundbreaking albums between 1977 and 1981, reinvented the concert film and the pop video, went from four, to four plus Brian Eno, to four plus any number of ex-P-Funk players, then stripped it all back and fell out. They reconvened for 1988's Naked, which still sounds like a weird add on to their back catalogue, but has some good songs on it.

Not least this one, Nothing But Flowers, featuring David Byrne's lyric about nature taking over and reclaiming the shopping malls, car parks and fast food eateries, and some impossibly funky, African highlife style guitar, from Mr Marr.

Talking Heads - Nothing But Flowers.mp3

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davy h said...

Easily the best thing on that album I think.