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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

C C C Cucumber

I woke up this morning with Echo And The Bunnymen's The Game playing in my head- not sure why, maybe it's September becoming October and that stuff in The Game about changing seasons and everybody having their own good reason why their favourite season is their favourite season. Maybe not.

I've just realised I don't have The Game on the hard drive, so it'll have to wait until later in the week. In the meantime, here's a crackers remix of Thorn Of Crowns. Go Home Productions Mark Vidler has produced many wonderful mash-ups, including Ray Of Gob and How Soon Is Independance, both featured previously at Bagging Area. This isn't a mash up. It's Thorn Of Crowns (possibly my least favourite track from Ocean Rain 'the greatest album ever made', the one where McCulloch goes 'c c c cucumber, c c c cauliflower, c c c cabbage') remixed with an in-yer-face electronic backing. The band apparently loved it. I imagine Bunnymen purists will hate it. I'm somewhere in between. See what you think.

Thorn Of Crowns (Go Home Productions remix).mp3

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