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Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Observer Magazine Just About Sums Him Up

The Fall are a bit of an acquired taste. I know people who can't stand them who have otherwise excellent taste. I know people who are obsessed with them to the point where I fear for their sanity. I don't often listen to a Fall album all the way through much anymore but they're a great compilation tape/cd band, cutting through the bands and songs placed before and after them. No nonsense garage art rock.

BBC4 showed a documentary from a few years back about The Fall on Friday night, which consisted of some great live clips and videos, Mark E Smith directing a Peel Session, various interviews with MES shot in a variety of pubs, and assorted interviews with former members of the band. These assorted guitarists, bassists, drummers and keyboardists looked like they'd served time in a disaster zone and couldn't quite believe they'd survived. I hope they've got a decent support group. Una Baines. Craig Scanlon. Brix Smith. Marc Riley. Karl Burns. Steve Hanley. Martin Bramah. Julia Nagle. Simon Wolstencroft. Marcia Schofield. Spencer Birtwistle. Ben Pritchard. And dozens of others, I salute you.

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drew said...

The Beeb are making a documentary about The Fallen at the moment which should be good. Due to the the turnover of members it may turn into a series.