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Friday, 3 September 2010

I Used To Think That The Day Would Never Come

True Faith was New Order's breakthrough single. Released in 1987, coming off a Best Of album (Substance), produced with a poppy sheen by Stephen Hague (who talked Bernard into changing a lyric about drug-taking, despite half the song seeming to be about that), and supported by an eye-catching video. It took New Order into the Top 5 and the US Top 40 for the first time, and won them a Brit award for best video (the award was inscribed 'Best Video True Face').

Factory legend has it that Substance was only compiled and released because Tony Wilson's new car had a cd player in it, and he wanted all of the band's singles on one handy disc. One of those Factory legends you hope is true.

This version of True Faith is from the 2004 In Session cd, which featured a Peel Session from 1998. The songs were True Faith, Isolation, Touched By The Hand Of God, Atmosphere and Paradise, the original line-up with Gillian still playing keyboards. I posted Isolation back in the early days of Bagging Area. The cd also has an Evening Session from 2001 to promote the Get Ready album. This version of True Faith pumps up the dance and house influences, and shows the band in the kind of form that wowed the Reading Festival that summer, reformed after several years and numerous side projects.

01 True Faith.wma

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