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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Fully Automatic

We reach day 14 of our two week self- isolation period today. In some ways it's been a long fortnight and in some ways it has actually gone fairly quickly. That's true of 2020 as a whole isn't? The year despite everything that has happened has seemed stuck on pause since mid- March. At the time of writing our daughter has mostly recovered from having Covid (and they may tell you that teenagers will sail through it but she has had a range of symptoms and was pretty unwell for a few days) and the rest of us are Covid free (touch wood etc), including our son who is clinically extremely vulnerable. We have had to have some strict isolation within the household to keep it contained. On Sunday we can leave the house for the first time in two weeks. I've really been feeling the lack of exercise this week. On Wednesday night I ran up and down our garden. Our garden is about twenty five long, in 1902 when the house was built it was probably just a yard. By the time I'd taken a few strides I had to stop and turn around. To anyone watching from upstairs on either side I must have looked like I'd finally lost it. 

Here, in an unrelated way, is some dark, punchy, industrial acid from Manchester's Shunt Voltage, the sort of track that hits the spot in the early hours and has bodies moving and dancefloors heaving.

Buy it from Bandcamp with a Quantal remix, price two pounds. 


Walter said...

Good to hear that your daughter is out of symptoms now and the hardest part of your isolation is history.

Nick L said...

Well done on getting through it, sounds like you've all done really well. Yes, I've heard of plenty of kids who have been very ill with it and the dismissive attitude about young people and Covid needs to change.

Rickyotter said...

Really glad to hear you're all coming out the other side well and in good spirits by the sounds. Young people are being painted as the irresponsible ones who are spreading this virus to the old and vulnerable without a care, but the narrative just doesn't fit. Not only are some of them getting really ill themselves, but the majority seem to be more switched on and compliant than the aforementioned older population.

Brian said...

That's a relief. Those daily walks are going to feel pretty good, I reckon.

Echorich said...

Glad to see you and yours have gotten through SA. Let's hope you have seen the back of it as far as it comes close to your family. As unbelieveable as it is how the US is dealing with this pandemic, I can only fee for those in the UK as your government has made it a real 'live your life at your own risk' sort of response.

I was just commenting to friends the other day that as slow and one note as 2020 has gone for me personally, I am not prepared at all for the coming holiday season. In January I made it my goal to get up to NYC to see family for a few days around Xmas. That has been made almost impossible by the current surge and testing protocols I would have to do on the outbound and return side of the trip. I am now plotting with my niece to have a Zoom Xmas party with family - some of whom will certainly need to be taught how to get their video and mic to work at the same time.

Khayem said...

Fantastic news for you and your family, I hope you have a great day out today and (in the best way) an uneventful last part of 2020. My parents have received their 'shielding-not-shielding' notices, so we're likely to be following Echorich's plan for a Zoom Xmas party with family. Much as I miss my hometown Bristol, yesterday's depressing scenes of the anti-lockdown protests in the city centre made me glad we moved away years ago. Take care, and thanks as ever for the excellent posts and music selections.