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Sunday 22 November 2020

Lockdown Mix

I got the bug for putting a mix together again recently and this is the result, an hour of largely ambient and Balearic with some 80s Manchester and 90s Liverpool dropped in. Despite the promise of the vaccine the situation still seems pretty desperate. Everyone seems determined to celebrate Christmas despite the fact that if it goes ahead 'as normal', people will surely die within weeks and a further lockdown in January will be inevitable. Taking refuge in music often seems to be the answer. I still can't get Mixcloud to embed but you can find my Lockdown Mix here


  • A Man Called Adam: Book Of The Dead (The British Museum Mix)
  • Two Lone Swordsmen: Ink Cloud
  • Steve Roach: Spiral Of Strength
  • Richard Norris: Music For Healing 12
  • Moon Duo: In A Cloud
  • The Charlatans: Trouble Understanding (Norman Cook Remix)
  • Andy Bell: Cherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
  • Future Beat Alliance: Tell Me About These Dreams
  • Big Hard Excellent Fish: Imperfect List (Uncensored Original Mix)
  • Nuel: Vibration
  • Durutti Column: Take Some Time Out
  • Tabula Rasa: Sunset At The Café del Mar



John Medd said...

Perfect; just perfect.

Walter said...

Fantastic mix Adam

Jake Sniper said...

Looks good, I'll listen later. Listen to Wolfgang Press after just reading yesterday's post.

Rickyotter said...

Lovely mix Adam, a very soothing selection to get lost in. Have to agree with your post - all and sundry seem to be desperate to have a normal Christmas despite the dangers, and the government seem to be happy to comply. Eid and Diwali seem to have not been afforded the same importance, but is it any wonder when they don't contribute enough to the Tory coffers?

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks everyone. I have to say when I listened back to it all the way through last night I was pretty pleased with it.

Khayem said...

Another seemingly effortlessly brilliant mix, Adam. At the time of listening, I didn't know the track listing so several were unknown to me but it was great from start to finish. Loved the fact that Mixcloud then seamlessly dropped in Isolation Mix 15, which was the perfect follow on. You've excelled yourself with this mix.